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Hockey Prospect Radio 2023 NHL Entry Draft Top 90 List

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

2023 NHL Entry Draft List

Shane Malloy

When constructing a list for the NHL entry draft it becomes an interesting blend of live views, video, analytics, background information and some luck thrown in for good measure. Most of the time the NHL General Manager receives praise for a team’s fortunes at the draft table when it takes an entire hockey operations staff. For the most part there are three aspects that make the whole scouting and developing process work.

The first aspect is the amateur scouting department’s ability to evaluate and project talent, which may be the most challenging of all. Next the organization’s player development department must try to mold the prospects by giving the players tools to strengthen their talents. Perhaps most importantly is the prospects responsibility to pay the price and sacrifice, which requires a tremendous work ethic. If any one of these aspects fails, then the likelihood of a prospect of having a long NHL career becomes remote.

Since players from different leagues evolve differently and the road to professional is a daunting task the development time is needed. Secondly, the players that should be the building blocks of the core of your team will be in the 24-30-year-old age range. The letter grading reflects the projection of the player from ages 24-30 in the prime years of their career.

Now some players may be real late bloomers and eventually make the criteria set in this analysis down the road. Even at this stage of their development it is fascinating to see the results.

The top 32 players will be discussed on Hockey Prospect Radio 2023 NHL Draft Preview Show - Part 3 on SiriusXM NHL Network Radio on June 17th and June 18th.

The 33-64 ranked players will be discussed on Hockey Prospect Radio 2023 NHL Draft Preview Show - Part 4 on SiriusXM NHL Network Radio on June 24th and June 25th.

Criteria - Forwards – Defenseman Projection Goaltenders

200+ NHL Games projected 200+ NHL Games Played

(A+) = F1 or #1 Defenseman – Franchise Goalie

(A) = First Line Forward or #2 Defenseman or #1 Goalie

(A -) = Second Line Forward or #3 Defenseman or # 1A Goalie

(B +) = F7 Third Line Forward or #4 Defenseman or 1B Goalie

(B) = F8 Third Line Forward or # 5 Defenseman or 2A Goalie

(B -) = F9 Third Lind Forward or # 6 Defenseman or 2B Goalie

Forwards – Defenseman Projection Goaltenders

101-199 NHL Games projected 50 NHL Games Played

C + = F12 Fourth Line Forward or #7 Defenseman or #3 Goalie

Forwards – Defenseman - Call -Up Players Goaltenders

51-100 NHL Games projected 25 NHL Games Played

C = Depth Forward or # 8 Defenseman or #4 Goalie

Forwards – Defenseman – Cup of Coffee Players

25-50 NHL Games projected

C - = Depth Forward or # 9 Defenseman

2023 NHL Draft List – Top 90 List

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

1 Connor Bedard Regina WHL C R A+

2 Adam Fantili Michigan NCAA C L A

3 Leo Carlsson Orebro BK SWE C L A

4 Matvey Michkov Sochi RUS RW L A

5 Will Smith USNDTP USHL C R A

6 Ryan Leonard USNDTP USHL RW R A-

7 Oliver Moore USNDTP USHL C R A-

8 Dmitri Simashev Loko Yaroslavl RUS D L A-

9 Zach Benson Winnipeg WHL C L A-

10 David Reinbacher Kloten DEL D R A-

11 Mathew Wood Connecticut NCAA RW R A-

12 Dalibor Dvorsky AIK SWE C L A-

13 Tom Willander Rogle SWE D R A-

14 Quentin Musty Sudbury OHL LW L A-

15 Daniil But Loko Yaroslavl RUS LW R A-

16 Axel Sandin Pellikka Skelleftea SWE D R A-

17 Colby Barlow Owen Sound OHL LW L A-

18 Samuel Honzek Vancouver WHL C L A-

19 Brayden Yager Moose Jaw WHL C R A-

20 Gabe Perreault USDTP USHL LW L A-

21 Michael Hrabal Omaha USHL G L B+

22 Calum Ritchie Oshawa OHL C R B+

23 Otto Stenberg Frolunda SWE C L B+

24 Gavin Brindley Michigan NCAA RW R B+

25 Kasper Halttunen HIFK FIN RW R B+

26 Andrew Cristal Kelowna WHL LW L B+

27 Eduard Sale Kometa Brno CZE RW R B+

28 Mikhail Gulyayev Omsk RUS D L B+

29 Theo Lindstein Brynas SWE D L B+

30 David Edstrom Frolunda SWE C L B

31 Danny Nelson USNDTP USHL LW L B

32 Nate Danielson Brandon WHL C R B

33 Trey Augustine USNDTO USHL G L B

34 Charlie Stramel Wisconsin NCAA C R B

35 Gracyn Sawchyn Seattle WHL C R B

36 Riley Heidt PG WHL C L B

37 Brady Nadeau Penticton BCHL C R B

38 Aydar Suniev Penticton BCHL LW L B

39 Ethan Gauthier Sherbrooke QMJHL RW R B

40 Alexander Rykov Chelyabinsk RUS RW R B

41 Jacob Fowler Youngstown USHL G L B

42 Lukas Dragicevic Tri-City WHL D R B

43 Kalan Lind Red Deer WHL LW L B

44 Nick Lardis Hamilton OHL RW L B

45 Carson Bjarnason Brandon WHL G L B

46 Lenni Hameenaho Assat FIN RW R B-

47 Etienne Morin Moncton QMJHL D L B-

48 Alex Ciernik Sodertalje U20 SWE LW L B-

49 Caden Price Kelowna WHL D L B-

50 Tristan Bertucci Flint OHL D L B-

51 Beau Akey Barrie OHL D R B-

52 Oliver Bonk London OHL D R B-

53 Drew Fortescue USNDTP USHL D L B-

54 Anton Walberg Malmo SWE C L B-

55 William Whitelaw Chicago USHL C R B-

56 Maxim Strbak Sioux Falls USHL D R B-

57 Jayden Perron Chicago USHL C R B-

58 Koehn Ziemmer PG WHL RW R B-

59 Easton Cowen London OHL C L B-

60 Quinton Burns Kingston OHL D L B-

61 Oscar Molsaard HV71 SWE C L C+ 62 Roman Kantserov Magnitogorsk RUS LW L C+ 63 Aram Minnetian USNDPT USHL D R C+ 64 Gavin McCarthy Muskegon USHL D R C+ 65 Jesse Kiskenen Pelicans FIN RW R C+ 66 Albert Wikman Farjestad SWE D L C+

67 Mathieu Cataford Halifax QMJHL RW R C+

68 Adam Gajan Green Bay USHL G L C+

69 Jacob Dvorak Bili Tygri CZE D L C

70 Noah Dower-Nilsson Frolunda SWE C L C

71 Carter Sotheran Portland WHL D R C

72 Luca Cagnoni Portland WHL D L C

73 Adam Cedzo Ocelari Trinec CZE RW R C

74 Carson Rehkopf Kitchener OHL C L C

75 Andrew Strathmann Youngstown USHL D L C

76 Coulson Pitre Flint OHL C R C

77 Cam Allen Guelph OHL D R C

78 Brady Cleveland USNDTP USHL D L C

79 Peter Vesterheim Mora IK SWE C L C 80 Damian Clara Brynas SWE G L C

81 Connor Levis Kamloops WHL C R C-

82 Hunter Bzrustewicz Kitchener OHL D R C-

83 Tanner Molendyk Saskatoon WHL D L C-

84 Emil Jarventie Ilves FIN LW L C-

85 Cole Knuble Fargo USHL C R C-

86 Niks Fenenko Baie-Comeau QMJHL D L C-

87 Hudson Thornton Prince George WHL D L C-

88 Hunter Mayo Red Deer WHL D R C-

89 Eric Pohlkamp Cedar Rapids USHL D R C-

90 Arttu Karku Tappara U20 FIN D L C-

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