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2024 NHL Entry Draft List

Updated: Jun 1

By Shane Malloy:

When constructing a list for the NHL entry draft, it becomes an interesting blend of live views, video, analytics, background information, and some luck thrown in for good measure. The General Manager usually receives praise for a team's fortunes at the draft table when it takes an entire hockey operations staff. For the most part, three aspects make the whole scouting and development process work. The first aspect is the amateur scouting department's ability to evaluate and project talent, which may be the most challenging. Next, the organization's player development department must try to mold the prospects by giving the players tools to strengthen their talents. Perhaps most important is the prospect's responsibility to grow physically, mentally and emotionally, which requires a tremendous work ethic. If any one of these aspects fails, then the likelihood of a prospect of having a long NHL career becomes remote. 


Since players from different leagues evolve within unique environments and the road to becoming professionals is daunting, development time is needed. Secondly, the players that should be the building blocks of the core of your team will be in the 24-30-year-old age range. Each organization uniquely manages its assets, as management often trades draft choices for immediate help on their NHL teams. Now, some players may be late bloomers and eventually make the criteria set in this analysis. It is fascinating to see the results, even at this stage of their development.


Criteria - Forwards – Defenseman  Projection                                               Goaltenders

200+ NHL Games projected                                                  200+ NHL Games Played

(A+) = F1 or #1 Defenseman – Franchise Goalie

(A)  = First Line Forward or #2 Defenseman or #1 Goalie

(A -) = Second Line Forward or #3 Defenseman or # 1A Goalie

(B +) = F7 Third Line Forward or #4 Defenseman or 1B Goalie 

(B) F8 Third Line Forward or # 5 Defenseman or 2A Goalie

(B -) = F9 Third Lind Forward or # 6 Defenseman or 2B Goalie

Forwards – Defenseman  Projection                                                              Goaltenders

101-199 NHL Games projected                                                 50 NHL Games Played

C + = F10-12 Fourth Line Forward or #7 Defenseman or #3 Goalie 

Forwards – Defenseman -  Call -Up Players                                                Goaltenders

51-100 NHL Games projected                                                   25 NHL Games Played

C =  Depth Forward or # 8 Defenseman or #4 Goalie

Forwards – Defenseman – Cup of Coffee Players                                                         

25-50 NHL Games projected                                                      

C - = Depth Forward or # 9 Defenseman


2024 NHL Draft List – Top 85 List

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

1 Macklin Cellebrini Boston U NCAA C L A+

2 Artyom Levshunov Michigan St. NCAA D R A+

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

3 Anton Silayev Torpedo RUS D L A

4 Zeev Buium Denver U NCAA D L A

5 Sam Dickenson London OHL D L A

6 Cayden Lindstrom Medicine Hat WHL C L A

7 Ivan Demidov St. Petersburgh RUS RW L A

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

8 Konsta Helenius Jukurit FIN C R A-

9 Tij Iginla Kelowna WHL C/LW L A-

10 Adam Jiricek HC Pizen U20 CZE D R A-

11 Zayne Parekh Saginaw OHL D R A-

12 Carter Yakemchuk Calgary WHL D R A-

13 Cole Eiserman USNDTP USHL LW L A-

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

14 Jett Luchanko Guelph OHL C R A-

15 Berkly Catton Spokane WHL C/LW L A-

16 Michael Brandsegg Mora IK SWE RW R A-

17 Igor Chernyshov Dynamo RUS RW R A-

18 Beckett Sennecke Oshawa OHL RW R A-

19 Liam Greentree Windsor WHL RW L A-

20 Trevor Connelly Tri-City USHL LW L A-

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

21 Stian Solberg Valerenga NOR D L B+


23 Alfons Freij Växjö J20 SWE D L B+

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

24 Cole Beaudoin Barrie OHL C L B+

25 Yegor Surin Yaroslavl RUS RW L B+

26 Sacha Boisvert Muskegon USHL C L B+

27 Charlie Elick Brandon WHL D R B+

28 Dominik Badinka Malmo J20 SWE D R B+

29 Leo Sahlin-Wallenius Växjö J20 SWE D L B+

30 Nikita Artamonov Torpedo RUS RW L B+

31 Andrew Basha Medicine Hat WHL C L B+

32 Emil Hemming TPS U20 SWE RW R B+

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

33 Matvei Shuravin Krasnaya RUS D L B+

34 Jesse Pulkkinen JYP FIN D L B+

35 Luca Marelli Oshawa OHL D L B+

36 Ben Danford Oshawa OHL D R B+

37 Terik Parascak Prince George WHL RW R B+

38 Teddy Stiga USNDTP USHL LW L B+

39 Kirill Zarubin AKM Tula RUS G L B+

40 Colin Ralph Shattuck USHS D L B+

41 Dean Letourneau CDN Prep CDNHS C R B+

42 Pavel Moysevich SKA RUS G L B+

43 Michael Hage Chicago USHL C R B+

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

44 Mikhail Yegorov Omaha USHL G L B

45 Matvei Gridin Muskegon USHL C/LW L B

46 Marek Vanacker Branford OHL LW L B

47 Maxim Masse Chicoutimi QMHL RW R B

48 Julius Miettinen Everett WHL C L B

49 Lucas Petterson MODO U20 SWE C L B

50 John Mustard Waterloo USHL LW L B

51 Kamil Bednarik USNTDP USHL C L B

52 Timofei Obvintsev Moskva RUS G L B

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

53 Sam O’Reilly London OHL C R B-

54 Linus Eriksson Djurgardens SWE C L B-

55 Ryder Ritchie Prince Albert WHL RW R B-

56 Will Skahan USNDTP USHL D L B-

57 Cole Hutson USNTDP USHL D L B-

58 Lukas Fischer Sarnia OHL D L B-

59 Spencer Gill Rimouski QMJHL D R B-

60 Leon Muggli Zug SWI D L B-

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

61 Raoul Boilard Baie-Comeau QMJHL C L C+

62 Adam Jecho Edmonton WHL RW R C+

63 Carson Wetsch Calgary WHL RW R C+

64 Aron Kiviharju HIFK FIN D L C+

65 Harrison Brunicke Kamloops WHL D R C+

66 Veeti Vaisanen KooKoo FIN D L C+

67 Brodie Ziemer USNDTP USHL RW R C+

68 Kim Saarinen HPK FIN G L C+

69 Niilopekka Muhonen KalPa FIN D L C+

70 Tanner Howe Regina WHL LW L C+

71 Marcus Gidlof Leksands SWE G R C+

72 Adam Kebler Lincon USHL D R C+

73 Daniil Ustinkov Kusnacht SWI D L C+

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

74 Colton Roberts Vancouver WHL D R C

75 Taran Smith Everett WHL D L C

76 Simon Zether Rogle J20 SWE C R C

77 Christian Humpries USNDTP USHL C R C

78 Miguel Marques Lethbridge WHL RW R C

79 Sebastian Soini IIves U20 FIN D R C

80 Kaspar Pikkaraenen TPS U20 FIN RW R C

81 Luke Misa Mississauga OHL C L C

# Name Team League Pos Shot Grade

82 Henry Mews Ottawa OHL D R C-

83 Tomas Lavoie Cap Breton QMJHL D R C-

84 Darels Uljanskis AIK U20 SWE D L C-

85 Miroslav Satan Bratislava SVK LW L C-

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