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Season 19 – Episode 6 – November 11th with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen

This week on Hockey Prospect Radio in Hour 1 in segment 1 and 2 with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen will be discussing the Tampa Bay Lightning prospects with their Assistant General Manager Stacy Roest starting with Ethan Gauthier and Isaac Howard then in the second segment we will focus on Gage Goncalves and Jack Thompson.

Next, we continued chatting about NHL prospects with Assistant General Manager of the Florida Panthers, Gregory Campbell with Mackie Samoskevich and Justin Sourdif in third segment and then in the fourth segment we will focus on Evan Nause and Mike Benning.

In the second hour, we will discuss the AHL rookies with Patrick Williams, and correspondent profiling Shane Wright from the Coachella Valley Firebirds, Matthew Savioe of the Rochester Americans and chase Stillman, Utica Comets.

In the sixth segment, we delve into the NHL drafted prospects from College Hockey with Mike McMahon, College Hockey Insider on Substack and Senior Writer for the College Hockey News focusing on Chicago Blackhawks, Frank Nazar from the University of Michigan as well Jimmy Snuggerud, St. Louis Blues draft pick of Minnesota University and finally Cameron Lund the San Jose Sharks draft pick from Northeastern University.

In the seventh segment, we talk about player development with Pat Malloy, player development coach and GM/Head Coach of the Smith Falls Bears. Lastly, we talk about the mental side of the game in our segment “It’s all Mental with Dr, Kevin Willis on the topic of the Mental side of Game.

You can listen to the show on the SiriusXM App and your favorite Podcast Network or on YouTube & follow us on Twitter at @HpRadio & at Thank you to all our guests, and we will see you at the rink.

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