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Season 19 – Episode 15 – 2024 WJC Prospect Review - January 13th with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen

This week on Hockey Prospect Radio is our 2024 World Junior Championship Prospect Review in Hour 1in segment 1 and 2 with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen discussing prospects from Team USA in the first segment. Then in the second segment we will focus on the prospects from the silver medal winning team from Sweden.


Next the focus will turn to team Czechia who impressed the hockey world in the 2024 WJC and repeated the trend of being a medal winner taking home the bronze . In the last segment of Hour 1 we will continue to discuss the 2024 WJC prospects and the pesky Finns with their balanced attack and defense core got themselves the bronze medal game.


In the second hour with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen will be discussing the prospects from team Canada and in the sixth segment the attention will be on the prospects from the upstart team from Slovakia who are rapidly improving on the international scene.


In the seventh segment, we talk about the goalies at the 2024 World Junior Championship and how the event may impact their career moving forward. Lastly, we continue to talk about the 2024 World Junior Championships with a couple interesting 2024 NHL Draft eligible prospects from team Norway and one NHL prospect from Germany to wrap up the show.


You can listen to the show on the SiriusXM App and your favorite Podcast Network or on YouTube & follow us on Twitter at @HpRadio & at Thank you to all our guests, and we will see you at the rink.

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