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Season 18 - Episode 16 – January 21st – 2023 NHL Draft Eligible Prospects, Jason Bukala, Pat Malloy,

This week on Hockey Prospect Radio in Hour 1 powered by InStat Hockey, with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen and off the top is our new segment called “The Scout’s Perspective” with Jason Bukala from Sportsnet discussing the topic of “Evaluating the USNDTP compared to other prospects in junior leagues”. In segment two, we discuss Player Development with Pat Malloy on Building an NHL Player” featuring Jack Quinn, a Buffalo Sabres rookie forward.

Next, we focus on discussing the 2023 NHL Draft Eligible goaltenders Damian Clara, Yegor Yegorov, and Carson Bjarnason in the third segment, and then 2023 NHL Draft Eligible goaltenders Michael Hrabel, Adam Gajan, and Jacob Fowler all playing in the United States Hockey League in the fourth segment.

In the second hour, brought to you by the Junior Prospect Hockey League we will shift the discussion to the Buffalo Sabres prospects with the Director of Player Development, Adam Mair in the fifth segment profiling 2022 NHL Draft 1st round pick Mathew Savoie and 2022 1st round pick forward Noah Ostlund. In the sixth segment we continue to chat about the Sabres prospects focusing on 2021 1st round pick Jiri Kulich and 2021 1st round pick Isak Rosen.

Lastly, we are bringing in Dr. Kevin Willis to discuss the mental side of the game, delving into the concept of identifying, monitoring, and measuring grit in hockey players. We discuss chapter Seven “Practice” and topics of “Optimism, Enthusiasm” and then in the last segment “Gratitude and Maintain your Love for the game” based on his clinical practice and academic research.

You can listen to the show on the SiriusXM App and your favorite Podcast Network or on YouTube & follow us on Twitter at @HpRadio & at Thank you to all our guests, and we will see you at the rink.

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