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Scouting & Player Development with Jason Bukala, Pat Malloy...

This week on Season 18 - E

pisode 15 of Hockey Prospect Radio in Hour 1, Shane Malloy and Brad Allen will be discussing the 2023 NHL Draft Eligible defensemen Oliver Bonk, Jakub Dvorak and Arttu Karki in the first segment, and then 2023 NHL Draft Eligible defensemen Mikhail Gulyayev, Theo Lindstein and Cameron Allen in the second segment.

Next, we focus on a new segment called “The Scout’s Perspective” with Jason Bukala from Sportsnet discussing the topic of “Weighing the value of the World Junior Championship for NHL Draft Eligible players. In segment four, we discuss Player Development with Pat Malloy on Building an NHL Calder Candidate featuring Mason McTavish, Anaheim Ducks rookie

In the second hour, we will shift the discussion to the Detroit Red Wings prospects with the Director of Player Development, Dan Cleary in the fifth segment profiling 2021 NHL Draft 2nd round pick Shai Buium and 2021 4th round pick forward Red Savage. In the sixth segment we continue to chat about the Red Wings prospects focusing on 2020 second round pick William Wallinder and 2020 2nd round pick Theodor Niederbach.

Lastly, we are bringing in Dr. Kevin Willis to discuss the mental side of the game, delving into the concept of identifying, monitoring, and measuring grit in hockey players. We discuss chapter Six “Practice” and topics of “Become a Performer” and “Beware of the Pretender” based on his clinical practice and academic research.

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