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2023 WJC Review Show

This week on Hockey Prospect Radio is our 2023 World Junior Championship Review Show in Hour 1, Shane Malloy and Brad Allen will be discussing the 2023 World Junior Championship prospects focusing on Latvia and Austria starting with Austrian 2023 NHL Draft Eligible player David Reinbacher and Vinzenz Rohrer a 3rd round pick of the Montreal Canadians and a Latvian prospect Boston Bruins 4th round draft pick in 2022 from Latvia Dans Locmelis.

In the second segment we focus on the Swiss and German prospects profiling 2022 1st round pick Swiss defenseman Lian Bichsel and another Swiss player in Attilio Biasca – 2023 NHL Draft Eligible player. We then follow up by the German’s 2022 2ndt round draft pick of the Arizona Coyotes Julian Lutz along with their goaltender Nikita Quapp a 6th round pick of the Carolina Hurricanes.

For the third segment we continue to chat about the 2023 World Junior Championship prospects focusing on Slovakia starting with two 2023 NHL Draft Eligible forwards in Dalibor Dvorsky and Samuel Honzek. In addition, we discuss three more 2023 NHL Draft Eligible prospects in forward Alex Ciernik, defenseman Maxim Strbak and goaltender Adam Gajan. Next, in the fourth segment we focus on Finland’s prospects discussing 2023 NHL Draft Eligible Lenni Hameenaho with countrymen Joakin Kemell, the Nashville Predators 1st round pick in 2022 and then the Los Angeles Kings 2022 5th round pick in defensemen Otto Salin.

In the second hour, we will shift the discussion to the team Sweden’s prospects focusing on the progress of the Vegas Golden Knights 2021 NHL Drafted goaltender Carl Lindbom and highly touted 2023 NHL Draft Eligible center Leo Carlsson, Florida Panthers 2022 draft pick Ludvig Jansson and finishing up with power forward Filip Bystedt, the San Jose Sharks 2022 1st Round pick. Then in segment six is the Bronze Medal winning Team USA prospects with 2023 NHL Draft Eligible goaltender Trey Augustine and St. Louis Blues 2022 1st round pick Jimmy Snuggerud followed by Red Savage, 2022 4th round pick of the Detroit Redwings.

The Silver medal Czechia prospects in the seventh segment profiling 2023 NHL Draft Eligible forward Eduard Sale and the Columbus Blue Jackets 2022 1st round pick defenseman David Jiricek and the Blue Jackets defenseman Stanislav Svozil followed up by the Buffalo Sabres 2022 1st round draft pick Jiri Kulich. In the eighth segment we continue to chat about the 2023 World Junior Championship prospects focusing on the Gold Medal winning Canada prospects focusing on 2023 NHL Draft Eligible players Connor Bedard and Adam Fantilli along with Montreal Canadians 2021 5th round draft pick Joshua Roy.

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