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Season 19 – Episode 10 – December 9th with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen

This week on Hockey Prospect Radio in Hour 1in segment 1 and 2 with Shane Malloy and Brad Allen will be discussing the Detroit Red Wings prospects with their Director of Player Development Dan Cleary starting with Nate Danielson and Axel Sandin Pellikka then in the second segment we will focus on Trey Augustine and Andrew Gibson.

Next Ian Gentile, USHL VP of Hockey Operations provides insight on his role in the USHL’s central registry, Drafts, game operations. In the last segment of Hour 1 we will discuss player development strategies and philosophy with Ian Gentile, USHL VP of Hockey Operations.

In the second hour, we discuss the overview of the 2024 NHL Draft and the potential, strengths and weaknesses of the overall draft class and the individual leagues and countries. In the fifth segment we continue to focus on the 2024 NHL Draft Class, and we turn our attention to the goalies which outshine the other positions.

In the seventh segment, we continue discussing player development with Pat Malloy, player development coach and GM/Head Coach of the Smith Falls Bears. Lastly, we talk about the mental side of the game in our segment “It’s all Mental with Dr, Kevin Willis on the topic of the Mental side of Game.

You can listen to the show on the SiriusXM App and your favorite Podcast Network or on YouTube & follow us on Twitter at @HpRadio & at Thank you to all our guests, and we will see you at the rink.

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